The Nightingale Voice Box

We’ve got the mouth covered! The Nightingale Voice Box is one of the largest and most respected collections of vocal production elements created for film, TV, games, toys and all-media. Spanning over 4 volumes, our comprehensive collection includes 3000+ sound effects all made by the human voice!

The Premier Collection (Vol.1 and Vol. 2): Featuring complete coverage of the human voice in action, including: laughing, crying, screaming, eating, breathing, coughing, sneezing, pain, ecstasy and more!

Just Kids & Babies (Vol.3): Highlights toddlers and babies doing what they do best … eating, screaming, crying, whining, singing, playing and being totally entertaining!

Voice Drops (Vol.4): Back with even more sounds with FX, as well as more comedic and over-the-top entertaining performances, making it perfectly suited for use by radio and live DJs, multimedia creators, musicians, commercials, and other applications that benefit from “ready to drop” soundbites.