Credits & Acknowledgements

Once again, I'd like to thank all of the wonderfully talented people who helped put The Nightingale Voice Box 'Voice Drops' together. This project took 16 months and over 2000 hours to complete but it was the most fun of any of our previous releases to work on. I must admit that, while we worked very hard, we also laughed a lot! We now speak in 'quotes' from the CD and hopeyou will too. Enjoy!

...Caron Nightingale


Caron Nightingale
Project Consultant:
Daniel D’or
Project Manager:
Franc Mosbaugh
Production Team:
David Stone, Barak Ben-Nathan, Dan Ger, Chris Hopkins
Original Illustration:
Greg McEvoy
Graphic Design:
Additional Art Design & layout:
David Tello
Wayne Swingle
Sound Recording & Editing
Caron Nightingale, Franc Mosbaugh, Daniel Ger, Adam Karch, Brian Hogue
Voice Talent and Script Writers
Barbi Castelvi, Babs Vermeulen, Eddie McGee, Diana Devlin, Brian O’Halloran, Marty Lawrence, Daniel Davies, Glenn Howard, Ken Newman, Glenn Simkins, Franc Mosbaugh, Dominique Denis,  David Gale, Arryn Greenspan, Barak Ben-Nathan, David Stone, Frederic Bascunana, Skyler McGlothlin, Jessica Grossman, Bob Laine, Josh Gaon, Jermaine Williams, Jonah Mason, John Mason, Takafumi Uehera, Nadine Mosbaugh, Barry Dingle, Yohanna Vanderkley, Yona Dor, Paul Traynor, Dave Madsen,  Adam Karch, Patrick Spence-Thomas, BJ Nightingale, Dot Thompson, Nicole Dor, Ally Coyote, Karen Pace, Mark Staedler, Sallie Sauber, Angelo DiFillippo, Donald Reinhart (Reinhart Auctioneers), Miguel Hilao, Brian Hogue, Michael Foley, Anika Peress, Bonnie Ohrnstein, Jeff Rosiana, Andrew Lauzon, Julie Clow, Ross Wiafe, Benson Ribbenthropp
Special Thanks to:
David Steinberg, John Williams, Prospect Park YMCA, Roger King  (PNAgency), Chuck Miller, Doug Thompson, Trudy, Joanne & Joe Wood at RDR, The Videohelper Gang, Vernon & Mike at TPH,  Dave Dworkin, Chris Stone, Carmelo Rietta, Stewart & Philip Pellat, Margie & BJ Nightingale, Helen Nightingale, Debbie, Shain, Noah, Sarah & Leland
… In honour of my father, who always made everyone smile.  This one’s for you Dad!