Credits & Acknowledgements

Once again, I'd like to thank all of the talented people who helped put together The Nightingale Voice Box 'Just Kids and Babies'. This project took 4 months and over 800 hours to complete and while there were times when we wanted to pull our hair out (like after hours of editing burps & screams on headphones), the truth is that the kids were so much fun that we found ourselves laughing and having a good time more often than not. I wish to thank everyone for making this a great project!

...Caron Nightingale


Caron Nightingale
Project Manager:
David Tello
Production Co-ordinator:
Kathryn Waugh
Original Illustration:
Greg McEvoy
Graphic Design & Layout:
Sound Recording, Editing & Mastering:
Franc Mosbaugh; Robb Wright;  Mike Forsey;  Sean Brown; Caron Nightingale; Sallie Sauber; David Tello; David Harrison; Graham Newton; Yohanna Vanderkley; Berge Alyanak; Kathryn Waugh
Voice Talent & Script Consultants:
Peter & Jeffrey Alyanak;  Emma Bartolomucci;  Lee Mosbaugh; Ava Wright; Nicholas & Lucas Raso; Amy & Emma Vanwell; David Lew (D Jay the Clown); Allen Li; Eric Yu; Matthew Boulder; Niamh & Ciara Rafter; Craig Gauder; Daniel & Rachel McLean; Caitlin, Mark & Emma Haughey; Sean Haughey; Brianne & Aran Rafter; Claire Horan; BJ Nightingale; Sarah, Noah & Leland Nightingale; Lauren & Curtis Schmalz; Demerise & Zenon Lafleur; Marie Andic; Corey & Sarah Dor; Shenhav Ramu; Peyton & Taylor Harrison;  Vicky & Glenn Litinsky; Ryan & Tyler Nightingale; Sara Furlano; Avra, Zale & Oren Epstein; Leila Panjvani; Heidi Kim; Diana Markova; Nicole D’or; Jessica, Jennifer & Jo-Anne Tremblett; Nick Kadysh; Lina & Lisa Konovalov; Jennifer Hsu; Lynn Kaplan; Cameron Marshall; Daniel Ponziano; Sarah Sharp; Florence Forrand; Faith Findlay; Angelica Legaspi; Jordyn Lumley; Noah Sauber; Kady, Mathew & Mitchell Kopansky; Jonathan & Alexandreea Cook; Jessica Grossman; Lin Ke; Miguel Palij; Nathan Spindel; Jaida Swaby; Peter Yoo; Sallie Sauber
Special Thanks:
Kaleidoscope Preschool (Kathy Mosbaugh);  T.P.A Investment Planning Inc.; Rose Wang (Deli on Yonge); David Vink; Chris Stone;
Lily Ke; John Park Tae Kwan Do Institute (Master John Park); Lou Bartolomucci; Andrew Jones; Helen
& Debbie Nightingale; Buddy & Margie Nightingale; Daniel D’or; Christina Topp
Acknowledgements & Special Note:
We wish to gratefully acknowledge Foster Parents Plan of Canada for allowing us to use some of their recordings of children from
around the world, and while we discovered that kids generally sound like kids no matter where they are, these
recordings did contribute to some of the great international ambiences found on the CD.
We support childrens foundations
We are proud to support Foster Parents Plan of Canada as well as the Children’s Wish Foundation. In our ongoing support of
accredited children’s charities, The Nightingale Voice Box has committed to donating a portion of the net proceeds of
‘Just Kids and Babies’ to these organizations and ,by your purchase, you are therefor also contributing.Thank you!
'The Children Are Our Future'