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Our critically acclaimed sound effects have been used in countless Films, TV shows, commercials, toys games & songs!

We have been getting rave reviews in all the major industry magazines.
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Visual Convergence Magazine - May/June 2000
I spoke with the creator of The Nightingale Voice Box, Caron Nightingale and asked her what inspired her to produce these CDs?....
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Mix Magazine - June 2000
Documented for finding what you need fast and the audio quality is pristine throughout. The Nightingale Voice Box is an ideal addition to anyone's SFX arsenal....
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Radio World Magazine - May/June 2000
I'd get a call late at night and someone would say, 'We're editing the film right now and thought it would be great if the character was waking up to the radio with news or a weather report', Thus the Voice Box has weather for a cold day, rainy day, sunny day... It's the same wih our news section - there is happy news, sad news violent news and generic reports that were meant to be used in the background...
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