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Visual Convergence Magazine
May/June 2000
Mix Magazine
July 2000
Radio World
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Visual Convergence Magazine Volume 3, Number 3 - May/June 2000

Vocal Effects CD's

- George Petersen

With lots of sound effects libraries on the market, the trend lately is specialized products, and the Nightingale Voice Box is an excellent new entry in the genre.

As its name implies, this set is an extensive collection of vocal elements - more than 1,500 in all, crammed onto two CDs featuring almost every imaginable (adult or child) vocal sound, ranging from grunt, groans, moans and screams to laughs, hiccups, burps, coughs, upchucks and, ahem...orgasms.

Choose from a variety of included ambiences (bars, parties, dinners, restaurant, swimming pool, beach sounds and street festival), toss in a couple common phrases (from the many provided in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Cantonese, Russian and more) in the foreground - such as ordering a drink or shouting "Happy Birthday!" - and you can create just about any custom walla, anywhere, anytime. But the set doesn't stop there. Also provided are generic news reports, weather and other broadcast elements ("we'll be right back," again in several languages) and plenty of group reactions (boos, cheers, laughs and more).

The set is documented for finding what you need fast and the audio quality is pristine throughout. At $245, The Nightingale Voice Box is an ideal addition to anyone's SFX arsenal.

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