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The Nightingale VoiceBox
License Agreement & Copyright Notice

for 'The Nightingale Voice Box' VB01 & VB02 © 2000
'Just Kids and Babies' VB03 © 2001
'Voice Drops' VB04 © 2004
Nightingale Music Productions Inc.('The Licensor')
By purchasing and accepting this sound effects library, you agree to the following terms and conditions: Permission to use these materials is limited and restricted exclusively for the purpose of sound design and the synchronization and assembly of elements in films, training or marketing presentations, radio and television presentations or commercials, and any other multimedia, audio-visual or computer generated displays, programs or presentations. Neither you nor anyone else may make any copies of any of the recordings of these work(s), except as may be designated to a single stand alone workstation for the purpose of specific audio and/or visual synchronization at your own facility. The copying of this material in bulk requires additional written consent. These sounds may not be used on their own (or in combination with other sound effects) for re-sale; i.e. to be sold, transferred or traded as other "sound effects".

Only a purchaser with a valid receipt from an authorized dealer of The Nightingale Voice Box, may use the sounds contained on these CD's. A purchaser is defined as one person/company at one business premise. The license herein may not be transferred without the written consent of The Licensor.

Any unauthorized use, distribution, duplication or delivery of these materials is strictly prohibited. The Licensor reserves the right to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any violation of the aforementioned terms.

The Licensor owns the master recordings herein and warrants that it has all necessary clearances of the performances thereon to grant the rights granted herein. The Licensor warrants that it has used its best efforts to ensure the accuracy of foreign language translations contained on The Nightingale Voice Box, however the accuracy of such translations is not guaranteed. The Licensor's liability under this license shall not exceed the consideration theretofore paid to the Licensor under this license. The purchaser is responsible for its lawful use of the individual sounds or combinations thereof in its territory of use. For any voices that may sound similar to those of public personalities, it is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that any use of these voices does not infringe on the rights of such personalities in the territory of use or performance.

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